When passion meets rationality 

Cantiere Navale Santamargherita is the perfect mix of passion and rationality, an essential combination when it comes to creating high quality bespoke vessels which perfectly combines the owner’s personality, style and requirements. 


A dedicated 360° service 

Cantiere Navale Santamargherita  boasts a division dedicated to technical management, to assist owners and provide a personalized and timely service to satisfy every technical and aesthetic requirement. 


A team at the owner’s disposal

The pool of experienced professionals of Cantiere Navale Santamargherita boasts many years’ experience in designing, planning and coordinating new builds and refits.


A brand which became legendary

In the shipyard founded by Mario Spertini in 1960 in Santa Margherita Ligure, in the heart of the magnificent Gulf of Tigullio, prestigious yachts were built which became legendary thanks to their unmistakeable style, sophisticated interiors and exceptional navigation skills 


The owner’s key role

The historic brand is being relaunched based on the very philosophy and passion of its illustrious founder, Mario Spertini. 

From design desk to open water, the owner is considered the lynchpin of the project, is guided through this unforgettable living experience. 

CLUB Mario Spertini


A shared passion

Cantiere Navale Santamargherita runs the owners’ club named after Mario Spertini. The club’s chairman is the illustrious Architect Aldo Cichero who, over the years, has brought together, though his timeless projects, many owners and aficionados of the historic Italian yachting brand.