Bespoke quality yachts, made in Italy

Cantiere Navale Santamargherita  offers innovative high quaity  projects continuing the same philosophy of construction from the past.


All projects will be fully custom made in Italy, with the aim of guaranteeing one of the highest construction standards in the industry. Each new built is managed using a certified “Open Book” accounting platform guaranteeing maximum transparency on all details of the construction costs to the owner. 


Cantiere Navale Santamargherita brings together a number of professionals of the industry to conceive, plan and coordinate all the phases of the new construction built in coordination with the building structure.


The mission is to accompany the owner throughout the process of designing their bespoke yacht, characterized by a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. The most complex construction challenges are resolved in creating a unique and highly personal work of art, distinguished by optimum hydro-dynamic performance and the best in terms of comfort, which have always distinguished all yachts of this historic brand.


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F 80